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Initital (BETA) 8HP gearbox control control for the GEN1 ZF 8HP70 and 8HP45 gearbox.

Added option to lock vehicle speed for the Rolling launch control as an option to the engine rpm lock method.

New input functions to the DSG Shifter emulation.

New analog input functions: Gearbox Drivemode and External map sensor,internal for CAM reference.

Brake input added to the output CAN stream for the Ford Focus RS/ST 2005 - 2012 (ME 9.0) OEM CAN protocol.

BMW MS42 / MS43) OEM CAN protocol update: AC status bit changed, clutch status added.

Value presentation feature added for the BMW E9x (MSS60) OEM CAN protocol.

Added CAN forwarding of DCT messages between buses if GEN1 DCT control and BMW E9x (MSS60) not on the same bus.

BMW DCT GEN1 CAN protocol, added brake pressure input instead of fixed brake, if available.

Blip target RPM added for the BMW DCT GEN2 gearbox control and the VAG DSG control.

Internal update for the Skidoo 900R/900T OEM CAN protocols.

Nissan 350Z (ECCS 2) now uses the output FAN start1/2 values instead of the fixed 85/90 deg C.

New coding setting for the Mazda RX8 OEM CAN protocol.

External TCU control, added transbrake and launch input.

Turbolamik controller, added transbrake and launch input.

CANTCU, added transbrake and launch input.

RealTime Data value FUEL ANGLE is always start of injection, renamed to FUEL angle, injection start to minimize confusion.

Min Engine Volume setting changed from 100cc to 25cc.

New digital input functions: Transmission Converter Slip Request, Transmission DRIVE switch, Transmission MANUAL switch, Transmission PARK switch.

New error codes: 241 - External TCU calibration checksum mismatch, 241 - External TCU calibration checksum mismatch.

Launch RPM set mode from table added to Launch control stage 2 and 3.

Launch control speed signals are now ignored if launch speed settings is set to 0 in all modes except always active.

Averaging time setting added for the Ethanol sensor input.

Odometer offset added in Distance counters.

New trigger: KTM 450.

New trigger: Suzuki K6A.

New trigger: Mitsubishi 3A92.

New trigger: Subaru Ej20 (7-tooth) CAM.

Trigger pattern generator update with some new trigger systems.

Added a min temperature setting to the Waterpump control system, Electric waterpump control (on/off) and Electric waterpump control (PWM).

Min frequency lowered in the Alternator control from 50Hz to 8Hz to be used in some Toyota application with low frequency.

Added setting to choose if the boost ramping (Closed loop boost) is applied for increasing and decreasing target values, or just for increasing values.

Added the possibility to compare logs with different log speeds accurately.

Lambda can now be selected freely (CH1 / CH2).

Gear 7+8 added to the whole system.

New brake signal disengage option for the Lockup converter added.

AIN names/descriptions is not overwritten by XML-file values.

Added axis highlighting of selected cells in tables.

PDM: Added a Windshield Washer output and washer wiper control.

PDM: The ECU Brake signal is now automatically updated from the PDM brake light signal.

Fuel pulse will now always show 0.00 during 100% fuel cut.

Changed the timeout delay for PWM modules.

Fixed a PDM bug, counter 3-6 did not work.

Fixed a bug that could cause glitches on the tacho and speedometer outputs.

Fixed a bug causing incorrect fuel flow and consumption values when the fuel pressure exceeded 3 bars. Does not affect the engine fueling, just the logged values for fuel flow and consumption.

Fixed lambda sensor errors when internal lambda channel 1 was used as lambda sensor B.

Fixed a bug causing the compare variable on internal output pages to not be loaded correctly when using the Load from file function.

Fixed a bug in the user PID system that caused problems when the process and target values had different resolutions.

Fixed a bug that caused throttle sensor errors when the SENT inputs was used, even if none of the SENT inputs was controlling the throttle.

Fix for the following CAM patterns: VOLVOT5, VOLVOT5ALT, VOLVO_B5244S, RENAULT_K4M, 2GR, 2GR_ALT.

Fix for the VAG DSG where the control automatically was changed to DQ250.

Fixed a bug with incorrect configuration files causing MTune to crash at startup.

Fixed a bug where the latch feature was used if the OEM function was selected on an OEM CAN Button.

Fixed an bug where 1 pulse trigger inputs did not work for transmission input/driveshaft rpm.

Fixed broken EVO Cam trigger.

Fixed a bug which prevented the launch control system to activate from clutch / stage switch when disable speed was 0.



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Release date: 2024-05-29