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MaxxECU online help

Note: Always use our latest software version (currently 1.150), which contains the latest features, fixes and improvements.


New OEM CAN protocol: BMW E39 M5 (MSS52).

New OEM CAN protocol: BMW E46 328i (MS42).

New OEM CAN protocol: Nissan 350Z (ECCS 2).

New CAM trigger: Ford ST170 (CAM).

New CAM trigger: BMW S65.

New auto gearbox support: Toyota A340E/A341E.

New auto gearbox support: Toyota A650E.

Added RT-values for OEM CAN Buttons and hidden lots of inactive RT-values.

Adjusted start-up thresholds for the Rover K-series (lotus elise) 1.8 trigger.

Improved trigger auto arming voltage mode with irregular cranking RPMs.

Improved ethanol sensor fail safe behavior, upon Ethanol sensor error, the ethanol concentration value is set to 0.0% and the system uses E85 AFR.

Improved the Trigger oscilloscope memory depth and GUI.

Changed to start/stop buttons for the Trigger logger and extended the Trigger oscilloscope timeout indefinitely.

Custom MAP MAP Filters settings.

Added options to limit the ECU logging rate per channel.

Added option to turn off fuel injection.

Added RT-value for current Knock Sensitivity from tables.

Separated fuel/ignition inhibit in case of configuration errors.

Added option for the Overrun fuel cut reactivation list to be a dynamic table (that can use 4D).

Increased the range of values that can be used in the Extra ignition tables.

New output Direct output control, directly controlled by new digital input Direct output control, for both PDM and ECU.

New Starter motor input for the Starter motor control output function.

Added latching functions to all Digital inputs and keypad buttons, as well as dual function control for all latched button inputs.

Added options to control Nitrous fueling by ”lb/hr” tables.

Added manual fueling mode (LB/H) and Nitrous-Fuel ratios to the Nitrous system.

New ECU error code: 211 - DCT: clutch slip engine cut.

New ECU error code: 212 - DCT: Upshifting took to long to complete.

New ECU error code: 213 - DCT: Downshifting took to long to complete.

Fixed a bug causing a crash when loading very old tune-files.

Fixed a bug in the Math channels calculations.

Fixed a bug (GUI layout) causing the view area for some tables to be to small.



Download here.

Release date: 2020-02-11