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Note: Always use our latest software version (currently 1.149), which contains the latest features, fixes and improvements.


New blending feature added for Extra ignition tables and Extra fuel tables.

New Switch decoder function to be able to wire up to four switches to one analog input.

VAG DSG (DQ250) CAN control now initially supported.

New Launch control PID rpm control settings for more exact launch rpm.

Added resolution settings for AIN (0-5V), AIN (temperature), Math channels and CAN Inputs to allow different number of decimals.

Added more counter and timer channels, and added user defined names and selectable number decimal placement.

Added option to delay Lambda sensor warmup (and error detection).

New VVTi CAM trigger: Toyota 1UZ-FE.

New digital input function: Auto transmission lockup enable.

New RealTime Data value Gear delay delay settings in Speed/Gear settings, which can be used when some table axis needs to keep the last gear a short time after the shift (shiftcut gear dependencies).

New RealTime Data values for VVT PID terms.

New RealTime Data value: Knock detected.

New sensor preset: HV Electronics temp sensor.

Added an option for single cylinder engines in Engine settings.

Increased the total to 12 User tables (and added custom names an unit settings).

Increased the total to 6 Math channels (and added custom names an unit settings).

Increased the total to 8 Rate of change (and added custom names an unit settings).

Increased the range of dwell correction % value that can be used (max 1000% now).

Better layout for DIN and AIN settings pages. Made it easier to setup any AIN as digital inputs.

Now possible to connect to older firmwares (1.128 and newer) and skip firmware update if a new version is available.

PDM: Added settings for Output default states during CAN-errors, and options to force outputs off when ignition key is off.

PDM: Added settings to select Output 3-8 modes, H-bridge or normal mode (12V) on outputs 3-8.

Fixed a bug causing the undo-system not to work right with the fuel adaptation system active.

Fixed a missing Throttle blip menu item missing when only e-Throttle was selected.

Fixed a bug causing min/max duty (settings from the "user defined" solenoid) to be used on the boost solenoid output even if a preset solenoid was selected.

Fixed a bug caused the PDM20 not to work on CAN2, only affected MaxxECU PRO installations.

Fixed a bug caused the CAN keypad to use wrong CAN Protocol bus, only affects MaxxECU PRO installations.

Fixed a bug causing the Fuel EGT correction page to not show up when using EGTs on AINs on some ECU.

Fixed a bug caused the calculated ACC calculated speed to show a 10x to high speed.



Download here.

Release date: 2020-09-08