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MaxxECU online help

Note: Always use our latest software version (currently 1.149), which contains the latest features, fixes and improvements.


MTune performance update, reduced MTune loading times by at least half with dynamic object handling.

Added the ability for most DIN functions to be controlled from several input pins/sources at the same time (logical OR if several pins are used).

Warning are shown if a digital input functions that don't support it are used on several input pins.

Added easier options to start logging from just RPM and MAP (with off delay feature).

4 more MDash input buttons available in the system. 8 BT-switches in total from MDash (requires MDash 1.40 update).

Improved fuel calculation resolution and changed a few fuel RT-values to ┬Ásec resolution.

Ctrl + 'A' keyboard shortcut to select all cells in a table.

SPACE keyboard shortcut to go to current engine data in 2D/3D.

'P' keyboard shortcut to start or pause the live logger from anywhere in MTune.

ALT + direction arrow keys to copy a cell or area in the "arrow key direction".

Smoothing in tables, 'S' keyboard shortcut.

Live-logger Save/open selection.

Added option to set the Live-loggers memory length.

Drag zoom and scale lines added to the Log viewer.

Scatter plot function in the Log viewer.

Save log files as CSV file format.

NEW OEM CAN protocol: Lotus Elise/Exige 2007/2009.

NEW OEM CAN protocol: Mazda RX8.

Oil pressure warning light added to the BMW E46 330i (MS 42/43) OEM CAN protocol.

Oil level measurement now possible in Porsche 996 2001 (ME 7.8) OEM CAN protocol.

OEM CAN Buttons (currently only for the above MS 42/43 CAN protocol).

Added CLT and IAT as "destinations" for both user CAN and Analog input systems.

Added option to assign ignition output for any cylinder to any output. Ignition output cylinder x.

New user defined Lambda sensor (0-5v external lambda controller).

New PWM Input Frequency+Duty digital input function to read frequency and duty.

Option to enable the boost controller (wastegate back pressure control) by a digital input Boost Control Enable switch.

Shiftcut activation delay setting added.

Shiftcut drop % from tables.

Shiftcut retard/ramp back tables can now be used in all shiftcut modes.

Added extra adjustment tables for closed loop boost control function.

Added extra adjustment tables for nitrous control.

Power adder control system added the the Power management system to add/remove boost or nitrous depending on speed deviation.

Setting to allow Power management system to add overall ignition advance.

Launch control start RPM can be set with a table.

Launch control start RPM can be set by activating the launch control switch enable stage digital input.

Selectable threshold voltages for digital Triggers/Home inputs.

Battery Voltage filter added in Filters/error codes.

Over voltage engine cut in Filters/error codes.

Added options to specify the used injecting timing edge (start/center/end) and if the angle refers to BTDC or ATDC, Fuel inj general.

Added options to use custom fail-safe thresholds for IAT and CLT Sensors.

Tire growth correction for speed calculations in Wheel setup.

Improved the repeatability of the Transbrake bump system.

Added options to use fail-safe and error detection for all analog inputs.

Download ECU Logs from a shortcut on the main MTune screen.

Faster acceleration enrichment detection to give better acceleration enrichment was added in previous (1.121), in this version we tone it down a little bit cause it triggered fuel acc enrich little to fast.

3 point linear table generator on CLT/IAT inputs, NTC Sensor Setup dialog.

Fuel ASE is zeroed out after 120seconds.

Math channels (combine tables and values to new values).

Improved Trigger oscilloscope.

Improved Trigger logger with the possibility to log and view all available DIN/VR-signals.

Selectable TPS Rate filter, Filters/error codes.

New error code: 121 - AIN error.

New error code: 97 - Hard fault/Memory protection.

New error code: 48 - Overvoltage protection cut.

New error code: 38 - Trigger/CAM pattern expected error.

New trigger: Ford Duratec (CAM/VVT).

New trigger: Alfa Romeo Twin Spark 95 - 05.

New trigger: Mazda RX8 crank trigger.

New trigger: Mazda MX5 NB (99-05) cam trigger with missing tooth wheels).

New trigger: N+1 cam and VVT.

New trigger: Suzuki G16B (ON CAM).

New trigger: Mazda2 ZY-1500cc ZJ-1300cc Z6-1600cc.

New trigger: Kawasaki JET SKI 1100 DI STX.

New trigger: Suzuki Swift M15A 2005 - 2010.

New trigger: Mazda 2 DE (Z engine).

New trigger: BMW S14 (crank+cam).

New trigger: LS 24x with any non-standard cam trigger.

New trigger: Diahatsu Mira JB (4+1 on CAM).

New trigger: Dodge Viper CAM trigger.

New RealTime Data value: Engine Oil Temperature.

New RealTime Data value: Engine Oil Pressure.

New RealTime Data value: Total Fueling Target Error, the sum of the Lambda/Lambda Target + Current Lambda correction. A representation of how far off the VE-table is.

New RealTime Data value: Extra Fuel Table 3.

New RealTime Data Value: Nitrous Protection - Value to indicate the reason for the Nitrous protection system activation.

New RealTime Data Value: Boost openloop duty - The open loop duty % in closed loop boost control mode.

Fixed a bug that caused incorrect temperature values when selecting predefined temp sensors in US imperial mode.

Fixed a bug causing the ECU on time and Engine run time timers running 1% to fast.

Fixed a bug causing the injector duty and staging to be incorrectly calculated on Wankel and 2-stroke engines.

Fixed a bug where CLT and IAT could be 1.0C wrong.

Fixed a bug where some RealTime Data items sometimes didn't get updated.

Fixed a bug with CAN lambda inputs.

Fixed a bug causing nitrous lambda protection to activate before the nitrous system.

Fixed a bug where the second rev-limit mode used the first modes cut type.

Fixed a bug where the shortcut key did not work to get to the MTune Start page.

Fixed a bug where the AC Magnetic clutch output was always active with a reactivation delay of 0.1 or less was used.

Fixed a bug where the max cut time in shiftcut was not stored properly.

Fixed a bug where disabled user outputs which had a digital input function enabled could trigger the digital input function.

Fixed a bug where is wasn't possible to import tables in locked tune-files.

Fixed a bug where the connection confirmation windows could be hidden behind the log-viewer.

Fixed a bug with the warning output light.

Fixed a bug in Surface3D where the selected data values did not match the actual selection in some circumstances.

Fixed a bug where autotune calculated VE wrongly in some circumstances.



Download here.

Release date: 2019-09-17